What about Maddie?

The author explains it all.

What about Maddie? Cover image showing character Maddie, holding a piece of paper, looking excited with the caption, “What about Maddie? It’s time you heard the truth.” — by author/illustrator

The Plot

Spoiler alert: It is not ABOUT fashion design.

Maddie checks the mail. — by illustrator Aaron Hover

Inspired by Real Life

Necessity, as always, is the Mother of Invention

Maddie focused on JENGA — by illustrator Aaron Hover

We should encourage ALL girls, all kids, to think, whether or not they love STEM.

I write rhythmic, rhyming bits to cope.

Self-Publishing Amateur Style

Maddie pricks her finger — by illustrator Aaron Hover

Criticism is Understandable

Where are the Teens?

It Isn’t Just One Book

Maddie shopping, shocked — illustrator Aaron Hover

So Who and What is it for?

Book cover of MADDIE STEINER, FASHION DESIGNER — art by Aaron Hover

The Wrap-Up



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