There are some things you need to know.

When you adopt a one-eyed kitten, understand that he’s probably been through a lot. Maybe he’s been very sick and faced the surgical knife. Maybe he’s lived on the street and felt a clawing slice or been shunned by his own family.

You might expect these experiences would make him…

In this installment, I recap all I’ve discovered about myself and the Scientist in all our preferred, fashionable glory.

Your Fashion is Not Our Fashion

We are nonjudgmental and do not hold anyone to the standards to which we hold ourselves. It’s critical you understand this if you read on.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

A Time and a Place

The destination, setting, and intended mood…

Our Autistic Expression

Rules are meant to be broken, but to break them intentionally as the quote suggests, I have to know what they are.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

My ignorance is no defense, but just know by the stunned look on my face, the reddening of my cheeks, and the sudden lack of eye contact- if…

The 4th of July was not actually a ceremonious date in our history. The actual signing of the Declaration of Independence wasn’t completed until mid-August. On July 2nd, the press reported that we had declared our independence, and on July 4th, the Continental Congress approved the text of the Declaration…

Accent Vitality

Lori is a writer, forever figuring things out.

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